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ok so the other day i was just fooling around the internet and watching steven universe and i noticed that

Amethyst’s color scheme is the same as the asexual flag


and Pearl’s color scheme is the same as the trans flag


And i don’t know if this means anything or whatever but idk that’s kinda cool

reblog this post i want cishets to get angry

No one cares about your over analyses don’t be so full of yourself.

It worked

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I go to a women’s college. We have a walkway where bricks can be purchased by alumnae. Most just say names or class years/mascots. But this one. This one is special. It speaks to me.




How to find MCR fans in a room

step 1: find a piano

step 2: play the first note to “welcome to the black parade”

step 3: Watch as their heads shoot up instantly 

Life tip: if a trans person tells you not to call them something, dont call them that


Life tip: If a person asks you not to call them something, don’t call them that


i remember the first time i reblogged a post along the lines of “eradicate pedophiles” and i got an anon in my inbox that was like “well actually [pedophilia apoligism ecc]” and i was like
What the fuck
Are you kidding me
How on earth do you rationally justify pedophilia that is just so horrifying to me

Anonymous whispered: Holy shit watch out Jackie! I cishaming noticed you, genderpunkrock and idislikecispeople are not too far behind. Same with genderfag. They stick together and all are violent. Please be careful. I know you're not the type to watch yourself out of fear for offending someone, since you really don't care who you offend most of the time, but you do NOT want to get on their bad sides because these people will stick their cronies on you and work to remove your blog.


I can remake if I honestly need to.

But really, I just asked a simple question, and they avoided the subject to call be transphobic for different reasons. It’s hilarious. They can’t even defend themselves.

Ooookay not that i know you or anything and not that i care but
Dont be a bigot and dont be truscum and i wont care what you do



Oh my god it is true, I love it.

great. Because you’re only a lesbian or a straight person. You can’t possibly be bisexual.

Dont define others sexuality for them
If she calls herself a lesbian, shes a lesbian
Just because someone had a husband in the past and is now dating a woman does not make them bi
Compulsory heterosexuality exists

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